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    Thousands of years ago, a wise old sage named Sun Tzu once told a story of an Emperor who needed some medical attention and gathered his most informed advisors of the Royal Court to enquire about who the best doctor in the Empire was. After all, the Emperor goes to see only the BEST.

    The Advisors returned to the Ruler and they all agreed that it was this one particular Healer who was very well known and quite successful. So, the Emperor set out to go pay this Doctor a visit.

    Upon arrival at his house, the Emperor notices that everyone in the house was in the Healing Professions. “What GREAT LUCK!” He thought, “I have so many to choose from!” He asked the famous Healer, “Tell me, which one of you is the very best?”

    “Well…” replies the Doctor, “My oldest brother can detect the spirit of the illness before it even begins its entry into the body. He vanquishes that quickly before it even starts, lest his name get out amongst the rest of the family. My next oldest brother can detect the spirit of the illness shortly after it enters into the body and he vanquishes it quickly lest his name gets out into the community. Me? Well… I do my best as I administer lotions and prescribe my potions to practice my craft as best as I can and sometimes it happens that my name finds its’ way out of the community and into the houses of Royalty.”

    One of the morals of the story then, are that the very BEST of the best are so good that because they set the “high beams” of their proverbial “headlights” so far down the road of life with such sensitivity that they can detect the slightest possible problems on the horizon with spooky, almost Shamanic-like clairvoyance, noticing and discerning issues before they even manifest and with great humbleness and efficiency, take care of business and dispatch a remedy long before trouble arrives making life so much easier for everyone.

    Centuries later, a very different Sage of different era… a teacher told a young student that there are many ways to breathe.

    He told a lesson of being very observant and to watch closely to notice how people breathe and by that, he said, “You will know how healthy they are. It’s usually quite subtle, but very informative.”

    He said that unhealthy people usually breathe only with their shoulders. Only their shoulders move as air is exchanged and not much else. The rest of their body is not engaged as if it were frozen.

    He said that average people breathed with their shoulders and chest both moving in concert. Slightly more engaged, but a good part of the rest of their body still not available for any help in aspiration.

    He continued to say that if you watch closely, you will notice that the healthiest people breathe not only with their shoulders and chest but also with their belly, making their entire torso available to help the lungs do their job so much easier and effortless.

    Then he spoke to his students of something that they’d never heard before. He told them that enlightened people breathe not only with their shoulders, chest and belly…. but also, with their FEET!!!

    That stopped them all in their tracks. How in the hell does somebody breathe with their feet?

    Could this be a clue on how the Eldest Brother (in Sun Tzu’s story) got to be so wise?

    It is the intention with this upcoming book to share some wisdom and encourage you to become like the Eldest Brother in Sun Tzu’s story so that you too may become the healthiest version of yourself that you can be… for yourself, your family, your community and the world by learning how to breathe with your feet!

    I invite you to follow me down the rabbit-hole on an adventure of self-discovery that hopefully at the very least, will help to change your life for the better and at the most optimal, set a course to help change the world for the BEST.

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